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Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a technique that balances  Mind, Heart and Soul. It Generates the flow of energy through the body in a most natural way. Energy treatment brings comforting  and comfortable feeling; Feel energy presence in every part of your body; be able to reach deep into your consciousness; be able to breath deep knowing the worries are put aside and you are in control; being able to see outside the bubble you are in; being able to recognize the intersection in life that you are standing on; being able to go through your life tunnel without fear.

Herbal Remedies

Certified Herbal practitioner creates the herbal formula for your unique health condition.  


Reiki Treatment helps you feel relaxed with no medication, relieve stress, Increase inner peace and balance, expend mental clarity and creativity, enhance personal awareness and emotional stability, boost vitality and immune system, reinforces self-healing.

Spiritual Healing

With the internal power of each of us we can connect spiritually to our deepest feelings and understandings. To see invisible, to feel untouchable, to smell imaginable is a power of your deep connection with your mysterious side. When you speak with no mouth, listen with no ears you are tapping into dept of your love and finding true meaning of who you are. Listen your HEART! With every heart beat a new message of life is received.  

Meditation One-On-One

Meditation One-On-One is a unique meditation technique. It connects the meditating teacher and student through a powerful channels of energy and transforms the feeling of disconnect to connective, expressive and creative state of mind.

Spiritual Sanctuary, Welland

Grieving Counselling


Grieving after losing a loved one can only be testified by Heaven. Only heaven knows the dept of the pain; only heart knows the dept of love.

There is nothing in this world that can prepare us, there is nothing in this life that can lead us but Faith. If you want to help grieving person, just be there; do nothing, say nothing just be there for him or her. 

And it is just that what we offer in sanctuary. We are here for you, for your children, your parents, grandparents, for all your family. Either you are alone or family group We Listen!

Distress relief program


" False Thinking Visualize False Suffocation"z1010dar

Each day is a journey. Not every day will be a happy one. Moments in life just happen and we have to deal with it. Our mind loses the focus and we start drifting in unexpected direction. 

We can help you to learn how to navigate emotions and feelings to a positive direction. You can learn how to allow your Heart and Thoughts be clear as a spring Sky. " Light Never Burns from bottom; Don't rush for last."

Healing with natural approach


Be True to Yourself!

To be true to yourself is to allow yourself to feel untouchable; to see invisible; to hear impossible; to taste unknown; to smell imaginable!

Speak with no mouth; listen with no ears. Tap into the dept of your love to find a true meaning of who you are. Healing starts from in within. With every heart beat a new message of life is received.

Heart is Love and Love is Eternal!

Assistance for Children and Youth


" All Love is Send by Heart"

It is not always possible to see what youth are going through. Even they can not see it. They feel it different, they guess it because they heard it somewhere, they compare because they know someone with the same issue, they search for answers, they refuse suggestions, they fight for their inner answers yet they are not sure because its not clear. Just as the burning candle tells story with many possible outcomes; youth mind does the same. Their story is so real and clear yet it can be told in many different version and become complicated beyond repair. 

We can help in a most natural way.

Assistance for Parents


Cold can be beautiful and Hurtful.

Just as the crystals decorate your window and display magical art work heart can also be decorated with inner crystals and be hurtful beyond manageable.  We all, from time to time, face challenge in life that seems unimaginable.

Everything that is created by people can be manageable by changing attitude towards it and learning about it. 

We at the Sanctuary listen your voice.

in comfortable setting you will feel presence of calmness and inner peace.

Assistance for Seniors


As the lake sets its calmness at night our hears are to do the same. Our mind is to be busy throughout the day and our heart rest at night. 

Sanctuary is a place of peace and calmness. 

Feel relaxed naturally

Increase energy flow

Reach deep into your consciousness

Increase inner peace and balance

Reinforce self healing

Enhance personal awareness and emotional stability. We listen and we hear you!